Header Builder
Create the perfect header for your site with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Footer Builder
Create the perfect responsive footer with an easy drag and drop interface.

Custom Layouts
You can define sidebar, no sidebar, fullwidth narrow width. It’s all up to you.

Custom Post Type Support
Easily control the layouts for custom post types right in the WordPress customizer

Global Color Palette
With our advance color system, you chose your colors one time and can change them site wide with a few mouse clicks.

Color Options
From backgrounds to text colors you can define them all within the Kadence Settings.

Global Typography
Choose from any google font or a websafe font and define sizes, style, and text transform.
Global Button Settings
Create the perfect button style that will apply to buttons across your site.

Scroll To Top
Enable, style and choose a location for a scroll to top arrow for your site.

Social Links
Add social icons to your header and footer so you can connect your site with your community.

CSS Pre-loading
One click performance boost that will preload css in the header then call that css when needed.

Transparent Header
Create beautiful hero areas with a transparent header that overlaps your content and creates a flow for your site.

Sticky Header
Easily enable and define custom styling for when your header is stuck to the top.

Responsive Controls
From tiny screens to large monitors you can control the style and customize differently for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Enable breadcrumbs using the built in breadcrumb generator engine or one from one of your favorite SEO plugins.

SEO Optimized
Kadence is built with the best SEO Practices for markup and schema where needed.

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